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The Importance of Checking Court Records

What exactly are court records, and what role do they play in legal background checks? If you are trying to find someone—or even just some vital information on someone—the answer to those questions may be of distinct interest to you.   Court Records is a valuable resource for anyone in need of information regarding an [...]

What Do You Know About Your Family Tree?

Isabella came home from school with a unique school assignment. Her teacher had asked each student to make a three generation family tree. So she sat down with her parents and tried to get as much information as possible from them. The first generation was quite easy as both of her parents knew the information [...]

Need Information?

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to check out someone’s past?  Perhaps you’re an employer, a landlord, or just a person who has been in need of information.  There are many different reasons why you might want to find out a little or a lot more information about a particular person.  [...]

Check Civil Court Records

 Has your applicant ever had a judgment placed against them?  What was it for?  Often, their civil court records can give you some idea of what sort of person they are.  A lot of judgments against a person are a sign of some sort of irresponsible attitude.  However, no judgments would obviously mean they have [...]

Check Work History

It’s important to see what companies have hired anindividual before, and how long they lasted at that company.  This will give you some insight as to what kind of individual you are about to hire.  Obviously if the applicant has kept one or two jobs for most of his or her working life, they are [...]

Who Am I? Find Your Loved One

Haley loved her adopted mom and dad to pieces. However, they were not the people that made her, and she always felt a need to find out who her biological parents were. She had tried for years to find information about her birth parents. Her adoptive parents only knew the name of her mother and [...]